Our Vision


Building a stronger community appreciation and understanding of the Steelpan artform.

Our Organization

NuGen Steelpan Academy is a non-profit organization focused on expanding the reach of the steelpan art form in the Greater Atlanta community. In the early 2000’s after founders moved to the Atlanta metro area, we were excited to get involved in the steelpan community in a new metropolitan area. Our Executive Director, Nicholas Mohan received several inquiries for steelpan lessons while performing at various venues. During friendly conversations, we also reminisced often about our experiences of playing in a steelband, the venues we saw, people we met and relationships we formed over the years. The steelpan has always provided us with an opportunity to socially interact with others, as well as an outlet for our creativity and individual expression. We view the instrument as a “gift” that provided opportunities which wouldn’t have been normally directly in our reach. We want to ensure the next generation is blessed with such a gift as well, so we established NuGen Steelpan Academy in 2016.

Our Leadership

Karima Boyce-Mohan


Russell Pope


Nicholas Mohan