A Steelband ensemble arrangement of Tender as performed by Patrice Roberts.

This arrangement is geared towards the intermediate to advanced steelband group or solo steelpan player. Of Course, I encourage any band director, instrumentalist or musician to explore this music if they'd like. It is my hope, that you find this example useful and that you enjoy performing this arrangement with your band or group.


Video Score Example


The full score is presented along with individual sections below. In addition, the provided audio and video file should be used as a guide.

A typical small steelband ensemble aka (Stage Side) will have as a minimum,

  • 2-10 Tenor Pans
  • 1-4 Double Tenors
  • 1-4 Double Seconds
  • 1-4 Cello/Guitar pans
  • 1-4 Six Basses

Drum set, Conga, Iron, scratcher would fill out the rhythm section aka (engine room).

The arrangement is not rhythmically dense and calls for more expression of the melody.

Rhythm section is a 3-2 clave, congas & light shaker will help keep a steady tempo.

Few Things Band Directors Can Work With Students On:

  1. Expression of the melody
  2. Dynamics
  3. Phrasing
  4. Articulation

As this being a general guide, feel free to add or remove any of the mentioned items above if it helps the ensemble performing the music.


Your feedback and recommendations will be most welcomed.